Get to know us

The Awad Bros, co-owners and co-founders of ABA, between them have enjoyed more than 20+ years experience working in the fields of Education, Business Management, Marketing and Sales, IT, HR and Training, and even Real Estate, Film, Media Production and Music. Both have extensive experience with public and private sectors, in the UK and Morocco also, as well as a history of client satisfaction and reverence.

Our Mission

The term education etymologically means to lead and to care. It is important that care is taken in the learning processes, whether that be for a 9-year ESL student at a language centre, or an international training initiative for the marketing department of an MNC. With great care, comes great leadership, and with great leadership, comes great results. The Awad British Academy, or ABA, uses updated UK frameworks and standards as a basis to ensure a world-class quality of learning experiences.

Our Vision

We want to provide individuals, firms, and markets with world-class insights and industry-leading learning practices. There is no organisation or business without people, and those who forget about humans, forget about profits. We want to see a world where everyone is winning with everyone and put an end to the old world of winners and losers.

man holding laptop walking towards building
man holding laptop walking towards building

Our Team

Our strength lies in our individuality. As a fresh start-up created by The Awad. Bros, there are only two so far who take care of the strategy and operations of A.B.A:

Ahmed Awad


Emam Awad